• ACCIDENT DETECTION. when a vehicle is involved in a serious accident (crash or over-turn ); the vehicle automatically detects it and sends a message (SMS) to The pre-configured contact list or to a 3rd party services such as family and trusted friends, ambulances,police,or flying doctors.

  • VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS most modern vehicle have an on-board computer which coordinate and manages functionality of the vehicle such as engine start sequence,Automatic braking system(ABS) ,transmission system,doors e.t.c; to be able to do this they are equipped with sensors, which collect data that is used by the computer, when the computer detects anomalies it stores diagnostic trouble codes(DTC) which are later translated by 3rd party computers to show which part/system of the vehicle has developed a problem. this device eliminates the need of purchasing a diagnostic equipment by having an on-board DTC translator and diagnostic tool

  • VEHICLE SECURITY this device connects your vehicle to your mobile phone when someone(thief) opens your vehicle doors without your permission the device sends you an sms. this is highly efficient comparing with the noisy alarms systems which are limited to the distance they cover when alerting the user and also problematic when distinguishing once vehicle from others when this alarm goes on.
    the device is fitted with a password cut-out(allows the vehicle to start only when the password is inserted) and a smart-card reader slot that only allows specific people to drive and access a particular vehicle

  • REMOTE FUEL AND SPEED this device captures the current vehicle speed and the amount of fuel in your vehicle and sends a report to your email depending on your setting duration
    (daily weekly monthly e.t.c..)

  • VEHICLE TRACKING The device is fitted with a highly sensitive Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS)i.e gps and glonnas module .
    this device captures the current Geo location co-ordinate which can be retrieved by sending a query SMS , an android application or over the web browser.
    the captured locations which are stored in the database can also be replayed over the web browser at the request of the user

  • remote vehicle immobilization through the device the user is able to control his/her vehicle by sending an SMS and can perform tasks like;
    1. controlling the doors lock ,
    2. cutting off power over the electronic systems
    3. cutting off fuel to the engine.

  • HI-Jack alert button the device comes a panic buttons that can be triggered in case of a hijack. the device automatically sends a distress signal to third party or essential contacts such a police or friends and family

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